“The core pillars – ENGAGE, EMPOWER, EDUCATE, WATER, ENERGY - embody our commitment to catalyzing a transformative change.

The Collective Force of Change embodies the strength of collaborative action, showcasing the immense potential unlocked when individuals, communities, utilities, businesses, and governments unite. This unified approach when becomes a driving force breaks through years of barriers and becomes a soul of  inspiring innovation. And this is the WE3 Movement”

A Look Back To 2023 WE3 Summit

WE3 Movement

from the Years


Charting the Course

WE3 aims for a resilient future through collective action at its fifth summit, tackling environmental challenges with global collaboration for sustainable living.


Accelerating Progress

WE3 builds on past successes, advancing sustainability with new initiatives and partnerships at its fourth LIVE summit.


United in a Pledge

Taking collective action on the world's climate crisis to safeguard the planet for future generations. The WE3 Summit introduced the WE3 Pledge.


Adapting Amidst Crisis

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the WE3 Global Summit shifted seamlessly to virtual platforms, hosting webinars and conferences to promote digital innovation and sustainability.


A Journey Begins

Embarking on a transformative journey with a vision to unite industry experts and thought leaders to develop actionable solutions and cultivate a community dedicated to serving the energy and water industries. 


Expanding Horizons

The WE3 Summit expands its reach, engaging a wider audience and introducing innovative programs and campaigns to empower individuals and organizations to embrace sustainable practices. 


Continued Momentum

The WE3 Movement gains global momentum with increased participation. The second in-person summit focused on climate change, renewable energy, and ESG practices, launching initiatives for sustainable development.


Building Sustainable Partnerships

WE3 strengthens alliances across utility providers, governments, and stakeholders to drive global sustainable policies.

WE3 in


Together, We can Make a Lasting Impact Through a Collaboration of People & AI

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engage educate empower engage educate empower engage educate empower

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The WE3 Movement signifies a purposeful transition from 'I' to 'WE,' envisioning a transformative journey for Energy and Water. By fostering collaboration and a shared commitment to Engage, Educate, and Empower, we harness a collective force capable of reshaping the landscape of energy and water. A trusted community and advocate for sustainable transformation, WE3 movement spans more than five years of growth and collaboration with world leaders, governments, utility providers, members, and other stakeholders.

With a community-centric approach, our innovation engine delivers key insights, education and engaging events to utility providers, governments, regulators, and other associated organizations, ensuring they have the right information and drive for action to address the global challenges facing the world's two most important commodities: Water and Energy.

With WE3, we celebrate our shared cause, ignite meaningful conversations, and be catalysts for positive transformation.

Together, we find practical solutions to climate, people, policy and technology issues - bound by the mantra of Engage. Educate. Empower.

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Leader's Speak


It’s a great event. It’s a great energy. Let’s top this energy for energy transition. Thank you so much SEW team.


WE3 2024 had a fantastic theme to engage, educate and empower the community to drive efforts to address global change issue.


I’ll describe WE3 to my 8 year old as an event full of fun, lot of people to meet and a lot of cool things around sustainability to discuss upon


It's a great event. It's a great energy. Let's tap this energy for the energy transition. Thank you so much SEW team


WE3 has inspired me to aspire to be like Spiderman, making a significant impact and growing from there to contribute to saving the world.


I look forward to the next year as it’ll be a continuation of the existing digital transformation wave. It’s exciting to continuously help utilities achieve it’s digital self-service goal as well as sustainability as a larger goal.


Loved the like-mindedness and the passion that I have seen at this conference and that everyone is interested in sustainability and getting things done.


I wanted to send a note to say Thank You Deepak for including us this week. I congratulate you on a great two days. I’ve been to a lot of conferences, but this one stands out to me…


2024 will be a great year as it brings the opportunity for the utility industry to go digital end-to-end. I am looking forward to WE3 2024.


Engaging and sharing work with one another makes WE3 so different to other events.

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