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Empowering Billion Possibilities

By fostering collaboration and a shared commitment to Engage, Educate, and Empower, we harness a collective force capable of reshaping the landscape of energy and water. A trusted community and advocate for sustainable transformation, WE3 movement spans more than five years of growth and collaboration with world leaders, governments, utility providers, members, and other stakeholders.

With WE3, we celebrate our shared cause, ignite meaningful conversations, and be catalysts for positive transformation.

Together, we find practical solutions to climate, people, policy and technology issues - bound by the mantra of Engage. Educate. Empower.

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3 Days of Global Leadership and Insightful Sessions









Key Themes

The WE3 Summit provides a unique opportunity for global leaders to showcase their commitment to sustainability, engage with the community, and contribute to the collective effort of driving meaningful change in energy and water.

Clean Energy Adoption,
Digital platforms to manage DERs, integrate renewables, and drive clean energy transition.

ESG and Net Zero 
Paving the path to a sustainable and intelligent tomorrow

Human + AI Digitalization
Powered by "People+ AI" to pave a path away from traditional decentralized solutions.

Energy and Water AI Transition
Adopt AI technologies, optimize field service, and strengthen grid resiliency for a complete transition.

Connected Experience
Personalize energy management with AI/ML/IoT platforms, offering a connected digital-first experience.

eMobility Revolution
Optimizing EV charging, grid planning, and a seamless CX eMobility experience for a sustainable future.

Join Us at the WE3 Summit


Forge Brighter Business Connections

Engage with industry pioneers and forge new connections, learning from their experiences to become a leader in energy and water sustainability.


Innovate and Grow Your Knowledge

Embark on a multifaceted exploration of AI's potential for Energy + Water, guided by thought leaders, to discover how AI will transform the industry.


Embrace the Future of People+AI

Embrace the power of People and AI to drive groundbreaking innovations that propel us towards a sustainable and a better future.

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Exclusive Keynote Featuring

Celebrity Guest

This year at the WE3 Summit, expect an exclusive guest speaker appearance that will ignite innovation and drive transformative discussions in clean tech and sustainability.

Join industry leaders and visionaries as they shape the future of our world—don't miss this unparalleled opportunity!

Notable Array of Thought Leaders at WE3

Kapil Dev

Former Indian Cricketer & Advisor

Deepak Garg

CEO & Founder


Brian Bentz

President and CEO


James Douglas

EVP, Customer Experience


Paul Lau



Jody Allison

Vice President - Transformation

Liberty Utilities

Johnny Johnston

Chief Operating Officer

Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp

Blue Jenkins


Washington Gas

Leader's Speak


WE3 2024 had a fantastic theme to engage, educate and empower the community to drive efforts to address global change issue.


It’s a great event. It’s a great energy. Let’s tap this energy for the energy transition. Thank you so much SEW team


I’ll describe WE3 to my 8 year old as an event full of fun, lot of people to meet and a lot of cool things around sustainability to discuss upon.


It's a great event. It's a great energy. Let's tap this energy for the energy transition. Thank you so much SEW team.


WE3 has inspired me to aspire to be like Spiderman, making a significant impact and growing from there to contribute to saving the world.


I look forward to the next year as it’ll be a continuation of the existing digital transformation wave. It’s exciting to continuously help utilities achieve it’s digital self-service goal as well as sustainability as a larger goal.


Loved the like-mindedness and the passion that I have seen at this conference and that everyone is interested in sustainability and getting things done.


I wanted to send a note to say Thank You Deepak for including us this week. I congratulate you on a great two days. I’ve been to a lot of conferences, but this one stands out to me…


2024 will be a great year as it brings the opportunity for the utility industry to go digital end-to-end. I am looking forward to WE3 2024.


Engaging and sharing work with one another makes WE3 so different to other events.

Committed to

Our Industry, Community, And Planet.

Iconic Moments
with Industry’s Best

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